Exclusive Party room at Giggles

 Daily Fees  (Introductory prices - to be reviewed in September 2017 )  

Full time 8.00am - 6.pm 
8.00am - 1.00pm 
1.00pm - 6.00pm 
Late collection per 15 minutes  
Under 3's 
Over 3's 
All fees are charged in advance and must be paid on the first day of the related week/month. 
We will offer a 10% discount for all siblings. 
Fees Include: Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea/snack (please see our ‘menu’s page) 
Milk, nappies, creams will be provided 
Laundered sheets, blankets, bibs, and face flannels will be provided daily. 
Drinking water will be provided for all children throughout the day 
A complimentary tea/coffee for parents each day. 
A complimentary play session voucher each week. 
10% off birthday party bookings 
Giggles Nursery School reserves the right to review prices annually. 
Late payments may result in interest being charged and potentially exclusion of your place within the Nursery. 
All children must be collected by 6.00pm each day or additional fees per 15 minutes will be charged. 
Parents must provide nappies, milk, creams etc should they wish not to use the options provide. 

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